Recreation and Environment Committee

2021   Agendas and Minutes

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08 Sept 2021 Agenda Minutes

Supporting Documents
Tree Inspection Reports 
Preliminary Ecological Assessment and Reptile Survey Report - Allotments

08 July 2021 Agenda Minutes Supporting Documents
10 June 2021 Agenda Minutes Supporting Documents
07 April 2021 Agenda Minutes Playground Inspection Report - Arlebury Park
Playground Inspection Report - Stratton Bates
Playground Inspection Report - Sun Hill
03 March 2021 Agenda Minutes Supporting Documents
Earmarked Reserves for Stratton Bates
Preliminary Ecological Asessment Spring Gdns
03 February 2021 Agenda Minutes Supporting Documents
13 January 2021                                         Agenda                            Minutes                                                   Supporting Documents
Stratton Bates Playground Consultation Report 

2020   Agendas and Minutes

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02 December 2020 Agenda Minutes  
04 November 2020 Agenda Minutes Supporting Documents
07 October 2020 Agenda Minutes Supporting Documents
08 July 2020 Agenda Minutes  
04 June 2020 Agenda Minutes  
03 March 2020 Agenda Minutes Supporting Documents
04 February 2020 Agenda Minutes  
14 January 2020     Agenda Minutes Supporting Documents

2019   Agendas and Minutes

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26 November 2019

Agenda Minutes
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29 October 2019 Agenda Minutes
8 October 2019 Agenda Minutes
16 July 2019 Agenda Minutes
11 June 2019 Agenda Minutes
12 March 2019 Agenda Minutes
29 January 2019 Agenda Minutes

2018   Agendas and Minutes

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23 October 2018 Agenda Minutes  
25 September 2018 Agenda Minutes  
26 June 2018 Agenda Minutes  
1 May 2018 Agenda Minutes Traveler Encampment Preventative Measures
24 April 2018 Agenda Minutes  
27 February 2018 Agenda Minutes  

2017  Agendas and Minutes

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30 October 2017 Agenda Minutes

2017   Agendas and Minutes

Date Agenda Minutes
30 October 2017 Agenda Minutes
1 February 2017 Agenda Minutes
18 January 2017 Agenda Minutes


Recreation and Environment Committee members

Cllrs  Keith Divall (Chair), To be elected (Vice chair), Ann Bean, Sarah-Jane Cavell, Simon Evans, Russell Gordon-Smith, Barbara Jeffs, Jay Jones,  Andy Sprott

The committee meets every month and is responsible for recreation, sport and environmental issues in the town. It looks after all the parks and open spaces in Council ownership, Arlebury Park, Stratton Bates Recreation Ground, Sun Hill Recreation Ground, Memorial Gardens and the allotments at Spring Gardens. Responsibilities include grass cutting, tree planting and management, maintenance and development of the play areas and skatepark, park benches, litter picking and dog fouling amongst others. 

Every recreational project undertaken by the committee has had the cooperation and support from Alresford sports clubs and the numerous organisations that use the facilities and we would like to thank them for their continued co-operation and assistance. 

You can also view information about our local sports clubs.

The public are welcome and encouraged to attend the committee meetings


The vast majority of Alresford’s allotment plots are much loved and well-worked by plot-holders. They are delightful and the result of years of improving work by a dedicated band of gardeners.

Like many towns Alresford has a long queue of residents patiently awaiting an available plot. Therefore it is imperative that existing plot holders regularly work and maintain their allotments. The committee is disappointed that this year it has had to write to a number of plot holders about the state of their plots and, in at least one case, spend public funds to restore a plot to a useable condition.

There is an identified need for more allotments and a new site in Alresford is proposed under the draft Local Plan


The council employs the services of the lengthsman and we are allocated 5 days a year. The lengthsman can help with the clearance of overgrown footpaths, cutting back vegetation overhanging footpaths, strimming and general 'Village/Town upkeep'.  If you know of any problem areas that need attention please contact

Litter Pick Day

Thank you to everyone who joined in the Litter Pick event on 22nd May 2021.  You worked extremely hard to tidy up the town.  We enjoyed meeting you all and hope to see you again next year.   .