Planning Committee

2021  Agendas and Minutes

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2020  Agendas and Minutes

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2019  Agendas and Minutes

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Planning Committee members

Cllrs:  Ann  Bean (Chair),  Barbara Jeffs (Vice-chair),  Michael  Byrne,  Russell Gordon-Smith, Andy Sprott and Marilyn Weston

The Planning Committee comments on planning applications for Alresford. All planning applications and related matters concerning Alresford are decided upon by Winchester City Development Control Department, but in coming to decisions, Winchester takes into account local opinions, such as those expressed by NATC. The Planning Sub-Committee reviews the planning applications, makes site visits and talks to residents who are likely to be affected by the decisions. If an application would have a major impact, a public meeting may be arranged so that public views may inform the Planning Committee’s comments.

Applications are considered at the meeting following receipt at the Town Council. The agenda is published in a few days before the meeting.

There may be instances where a planning application is received for which the closing date is before the next meeting. It is important that your local representatives do have an opportunity to comment, and for that reason we will always try to negotiate a later closing date. However, should that prove impossible we will consider applications received up to the date of the meeting, at the discretion of the chairman. If you wish to know if an application of interest to you is to be considered, please contact NATC on 01962 732079.

Planning Committee Meetings

Regular meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 18h00. All meetings are held at the Alresford Recreation Centre, Arlebury Park.

Each meeting includes an opportunity for the public to give their views. 

If an application requires a response urgently, that application may be considered at a special meeting, immediately preceding the Town Council, at 18.00.

Copies of plans may be viewed on the Winchester City Council website, or at the Town Council offices between 11h00 and 13h00 on Tuesday, Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Planning Guidance

Winchester City Council publish guidance on planning, including details on how to make an application as well as lists of current and archived applications on their website.

Local Plan Part 1

Local Plan Part 2


New Alresford Town Design Statement