Full Town Council

2024 Agendas and Minutes

Date Agendas Minutes Other Documents
4 June- ECM Agenda    
14 May 2024 - Annual Meeting of the Council Agenda    
29 April - Town Assembly Agenda    
23 April 2024 Agenda Minutes  
26 March 2024 Agenda Minutes February Finance reports
27 February 2024 Agenda Minutes January Finance reports
30 January 2024 Agenda  Minutes

November Finance reports
December Finance reports

2023  Agendas and Minutes 

Date Agendas Minutes Other Documents
19 December 2023 ECM Agenda Minutes  
12 December 2023 Agenda Minutes  
28 November 2023 Agenda Minutes September Finance reports
October Finance reports
17 October 2023 Agenda Minutes August Finance reports
26 September 2023 Agenda Minutes June Finance Reports
July Finance Reports
30 August 2023 Agenda Minutes  
18 July 2023 Agenda Minutes April Finance Reports
May Finance Reports
20 June 2023 Agenda Minutes March Finance Reports
16 May 2023 - Annual Meeting of the Council Agenda Minutes  
25 April 2023 Agenda Minutes  
28 March 2023 Agenda Minutes February Finance Reports
7 March 2023 - Extraordinary Meeting Agenda  Minutes  
6 March 2023 - Town Assembly Agenda Minutes  
28 February 2023 Agenda Minutes January Finance Reports
24 January 2023 Agenda Minutes

December Finance Reports
November Finance Reports

2022  Agendas and Minutes


2021  Agendas and Minutes

2020  Agendas and Minutes

Date Agendas Minutes Other Documents
22 December 2020 Agenda Minutes Finance Reports - Nov
24 November 2020 Agenda Minutes Finance Reports
City and County Reports
27 October 2020 Agenda Minutes Finance Reports - August
Finance Reports  - Sept
City and County Reports
22 September 2020 Agenda Minutes Finance Reports
City and County Reports
31 July 2020 Agenda Minutes  
28 July 2020 Agenda Minutes Finance Reports
City and County Reports
30 June 2020 Agenda Minutes  
23 June 2020 Agenda Minutes Finance Reports April-May 2020
City & County Reports
26 May 2020 
Annual Meeting of the Council
Agenda Minutes Finance Reports March 2020
28 April 2020 - Cancelled Agenda Minutes  
09 April 2020 Agenda Minutes  
24 March 2020 - Cancelled Agenda Minutes City Councillor Report
Finance reports February 2020

20 March 2020 - Cancelled



17 March 2020
Annual Town Assembly  - Postponed                      
Agenda Minutes Annual Committee Reports
25 February 2020 Agenda Minutes

City & County Councillor reports
Finance reports January 2020

28 January 2020 Agenda Minutes

2019  Agendas and Minutes

2018  Agendas and Minutes

2017  Agendas and Minutes

Date Agendas Minutes Other Documents
21 November 2017 Agenda Minutes

External Audit Report

Mens Shed Grant Application Form

Alresford Defib Grant Application Form

Grant Application Girl Guides

Guides Accounts

WDALC AGM agenda 27-11-17

WDALC AGM minutes 6-12-2016

Rugby Proposal

Finance Report Nov

Balance Sheet

Bank Reconciliation

Purchase Ledger

Sales Ledger

17 October 2017 Agenda Minutes

AMF Summary

Captial Grant Application - St John's church

Country Report for Parishes

Monthly Report October 2017 WCC Cllrs

NATC and AMF MOU 2018

NATC Gate Proposal

Finance Report September 2017

19 September 2017 Agenda Minutes

Plumbing quotes

Arlesford Art festival Grant Application

Gate Closure

Finance Reports

Report for Parishes September 2017

Monthly Report September 2017 WCC Cllrs

22 August 2017 Agenda Minutes

Quotes for painting

Grant Request

Finance Report

Payment Request 

Emergency work 

Soakaway repair work

Planning minutes 1 August 2017

Arfc proposals to natc

WCC report 

County Council Report

18 July 2017 Agenda Minutes

Town Council Minutes 030717

Changing room fees

Omega Reports

Town Market Manager

Town Market Manager 2

Trevor Hillary letter 5.7.2017

Report Omega System

Aged Debtors

Balance sheet

Bank reconciliation

Direct Debits

Supplier payments

June Finance Report

Monthly Report July 2017

20 June 2017 Agenda Minutes

Copy of BS201705

Copy of Finance Report 201705

Copy of Payment Reports 201705


Internal Audit

Technique support New Alresford Town Council

18 May 2017 Agenda Minutes April Financial documents
18 April 2017 Agenda Minutes


28 March 2016 Agenda Minutes Draft minutes
21 March 2017 Agenda Minutes

Alresford Cheriton Scouts - New HQ Proposal

BDO Report

CAWD Grant request

WDCAB Accounts

Alresford senior citizens lunch club grant request

Roof Quotes

1201 Payments

Aged Debtors

Balance Sheet March 2017

Bank Payments

Bank Rec

Finance Report

Supplier Payments

21 February 2017 Agenda Minutes

Alresford Rugby Club

Floodlights UK VT2 Spec Sheet

Balance Sheet

Bank Rec

Finance Report

Aged Debtors

Old Alredford Footpath Diversion

NATT Grant App 2017

NATT Accounts

Twyford School

Grant Request Alresford Senior Citizens lunch club

Lights for the Rugby clubnorth pitch

Barrier Arlebury Park

Reserves Policy

New Alresford interim IAS 2017

10 January 2017 Agenda Minutes