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New Alresford Town Council Mission Statement 

Our mission is to:

  1. Protect, manage and develop the rich tapestry of life in New Alresford
  2. Promote and preserve the town's natural and built environments
  3. Provide the community with the best facilities and services that our resources allow.

To carry out our mission:

  • Our primary focus wil be the residents of New Alresford, considering their wishes and including them fully in decions wherever possible.
  • As volunteers serving the community we will act with integrity, honesty, empathy and respect, showing fairness and courage in everything we do.
  • We will use our best judgement and common sense to guide us and we will be accountable for our decisions and actions, We will respond to well-founded criticism with a willingness to learn and to change.
  • We will be professional, calm and focused in completing our statutory and other duties at all times.
  • We will manage our budget carefully and transparently.  We will make prudent choices, and operate within our means.
  • We will promote the values of Rights, Responsibilities and Respect within the town.

Rights We will work to uphold the rights of all members of the town's community through our work. We will encourage everyone in our community to respect and uphold the rights of one another to maintain our town as a safe, caring and fulfilling place for all.

Responsibilities We acknowledge our responsibilities to the town and to each member of our community.  We will serve the town by carrying out the Council's mission with a sense of pride and by promoting a sense of civic and community responsibility.

Respect We will positively demonstrate respect for all members of our community and for each other and expect the same for each of us in return.

 Environment Statement

New Alresford Town Council acknowledges the Climate Emergency that has been declared by both Parliament and Winchester City Council. We will make a meaningful and effective long-term response to help Alresford meet the challenge that has been set.

The Town Council commits to the following actions:

  • to undertake a review of its current practices and identify practical steps towards sustainability and, ultimately, carbon neutrality and to take those steps where practicable;
  • to seek and implement the advice of experts to improve the way that the Council's public spaces encourage wildlife whilst preserving their recreational use: and
  • to engage with our community and our neighbouring parishes to encourage sustainable living and business practices and to improve the environment across our town and the surrounding area. The Council will do this by encouraging local initiatives, direct information sharing and by joining together with individuals and community groups willing to work with us.

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